Homework – yes or no!?

There may be many different experts, who claim that doing homework is beneficial and crucial for students’ progress in school. I cannot support this point of view as I personally do not find anything positive in doing my homework except for maybe not being ticked off without homework in the e-class book.

From my experience, I can confirm that doing homework does not have any beneficial effect on my marks or overall school success. All the homework students receive daily adds up to almost another school lesson of work to do at home. If we consider the time spent on learning for weekly exams in a single day, we can quickly find out the amount of time an average student spends just on school, at home. Although it may sound unbelievable, students spend on average more than three hours on homework and learning combined. One hour is taken up by doing homework only. Knowing it, we can undoubtedly claim that school does not end with the last school bell, on the contrary, it continues, in most cases, late in the afternoons or even evenings.

The amount of extra effort put into homework is just too great to be referred to as a little extra work you have to do, to improve in school. We are told by our parents and teachers repeatedly how important is to take full responsibility of our education and our school achievements. But we never ask ourselves if this is the burden the students can carry. My answer is no, yet the school does not offer even the slightest help with it. School just increases the amount of that burden called HOMEWORK!

Without any bad conscience, I can proudly represent many students that agree with my thoughts about homework. Even though many do not express their thought on homework they still feel overwhelmed by it. I genuiunly hope this article will be read by as many teachers as possible.

Report on a field trip to Gorenje

The main goal of this report is to provide information on a field trip, which is a part of our school curriculum in the second year of Jesenice Grammar School. The report is intended for the class of interdisciplinary subjects: English, Art and Information Technology. It is for our official website of Gimnazija Jesenice.


Most of our activities were school-focused, yet some of them were prepared in order to make our class more connected. There were also some sport activities that took care of our physical health. An interesting technique to test our survival abilities was to build our own survival shelters from natural materials found in the nearby woods.


Due to the lockdown caused by the epidemic last year, students did not have much opportunity to socialize with their peers. For this reason, one of the crucial aims of our field trip was to strengthen the relationships and friendships among students. Through various activities, organisers and teachers were able to provide us with new and interesting knowledge and also connect us as a class. The bonding experience was emphasised by playing different games where team spirit, getting to know each other, friendships   and mutual understanding were noticeably developed.


In conclusion, our field trip to Gorenje helped us connect as a class through various different activities provided by the teachers and organisers. It was important that the field trip was carried out as we were able to make up for the lack of socialising due to the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, the field trip can be seen as a massive success.

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