The aim of this report is to present my personal opinion and assessment of ITS-excursion to Ljubljana.

Second-year students of Jesenice Grammar School visited Arnes and Cankarjev dom in September 2021.

The main purposes of excursion:

ITS is an interdisciplinary subject that connects English, Information technology and Art. The main purposes of the excursion were to get basic knowledge about Information technology at Arnes. In addition, we visited a photo exhibition of Joco Žnidaršič in Cankarjev dom to acquire knowledge of how to take a good photo.


Arnes is a Slovenian internet service provider for research, educational and cultural organizations. It builds, maintains and manages infrastructure linking universities, institutes, research laboratories, museums, schools, databases and digital libraries. At the presentation we were informed about their beginnings and initial problems. The whole Slovenia depends on their technology and if something goes wrong, they have to respond immediately.

Cankarjev dom:

In Cankarjev dom we visited an exhibition of photos Leta preloma by Joco Žnidaršič.  The photos were taken between 1988 and 1991 from the time when Slovenia gained its independence. They present crucial events of Slovenian history as well as ordinary people from those times. Some of them show successful athletes, politicans and other people involved in political activities .


The ITS-excursion was educational. We were presented new information that will be helpful in school in this interesting subject. I recommend the excursion to be shorter as the presentation in Arnes was rather too long.

should school start later?


Do you get enough sleep during the school year? I think all students go to bed too late and have to wake up too early next morning. According to scientific research students aged 14 to 20 should get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to function normally and that is usually not possible. I am firmly convinced that lessons at school should start later. My suggestion would be not before 8.30.

There are many reasons why our school day should start later. First of all, waking up too early and not getting enough sleep can lead to a bad performance at school. When I am sleep deprived, I am tired and take a nap after school. However, if I do it every day, it affects my daily routine negatively.  Students start to postpone school duties to a later time and in my experience I do school work late in the night. Some of our time in the afternoon is dedicated to our hobbies. Consequently, we go to bed too late, unprepared for our school day and may get a bad mark.

What is more, lack of sleep can also affect our physical performance and health. If I do not get enough sleep I am tired all the time and cannot be focused at school. In addition, my physical growth can be slowed down, as we develop physically well into our twenties. Also, muscle growth can be slowed down if you are an athlete. Sleep deprivation can also lead to stress and even more serious health problems.

To sum up, getting up too early does not benefit our health and school performance. Lack of sleep can lead to bad marks, stress, decelerated physical growth and more serious mental problems. These are all the reasons why our school day should start later and I am convinced that you agree with me.